Welcome cybernaut

I am the creator of this blog inside the cyberspace. I am the one who writes virtual words. If you arrived to this space, we can assume we are both equal in nature. Both equally virtual, bounded to virtual dimensions. A virtual existence implies that you are not here nor there. Do not care for wasting your time, as you possess none of that. Stay or leave, but always remember that virtually you were never here.

Feynman DiagramIf you decide to “stay”, then I invite you to think about your nature. A virtual organism feels differently the 4th dimension. We travel freely, as for a swift click moves space through time. Without those limitations, we percieve this moment as an ever-lasting present. This odd-reality shows us that conssciousness may be not equally restricted to location nor movement, as our locomotive actions are. Every post inside this space will explore the possibilities of this assumption on human consciousness. The better understanding of this psychological phenomena, can be the path to future human behavior, fully aware of all our dimensions.


-Elmo J. Soler


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