Prolegomenon ·1

Subject of discussion:

-Philosophy of Behavior.

Inside the head of:

– Elmo J. Soler


-The imaginary people joining these discussions, inside the head of Mr. Soler, will be dealing with behavior-analytic concepts, metaphysical theories, philosophy of language, and of behavior. As there will be no real people, however, there will be no discussion, but rather long digressions that will be published in the form of posts. Each post will advance an idea that highlights a philosophical or theoretical issue related to human behavior.


– 1st session: Wittgenstein’s Blue Book.
– 2nd session: Behavior & Metaphysics (Part I & II).
– 3rd session:”The Official Doctrine”, a historical overview of the concept of mind, and its influence in language and the notions of causation.
– Final session: “A radical stance”, a presentation of the behavior-analytic perspective on the matters discussed in previous sessions.


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