Wittgenstein’s Blue Book

In this, our first encounter, I ask you to question everything that I am going to say. To do that, please imagine yourself as bodyless, odorless, timeless, and just be explanandum. We will establish a long definition, that will seem like a discussion, but truthfully we will only be parts of the phenomena. Now that... Continue Reading →


Prolegomenon ·1

Subject of discussion: -Philosophy of Behavior.Inside the head of:- Elmo J. SolerPresentation:-The imaginary people joining these discussions, inside the head of Mr. Soler, will be dealing with behavior-analytic concepts, metaphysical theories, philosophy of language, and of behavior. As there will be no real people, however, there will be no discussion, but rather long digressions that... Continue Reading →

Timeless behavior

Suppose you have a child, and suppose that you want to educate this child as you see properly. As your role of educator is highlighted in this new interactional event in your life, your behavior in relation to the child becomes more instruccional, and you find yourself reinforcing or punishing arbitrary behaviors. Now that you... Continue Reading →

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